Strawberries & Cream

by Lupen Tooth

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"...rips listeners apart under the full moon with a release that doesn't disappoint." - Jekyll A. Hyde Reviews

"...comes right for the Jugular." - The Deadhouse

"A mix of heavy rock sans the 'wankery' and no-frills, short, sharp riffs that get you straight into the meat of each track; darkly Gothic with a touch of comedy make theirs a name to remember." - Thy Demons Be Scribblin

"...raw and honest, not forgetting instinctively exciting hell bred rock ‘n’ roll, they are a great soundtrack to your nightmares and horrific deeds." - The Ringmaster Review


released February 13, 2015

Tommy Creep - Bass/Vox
Klum - Guitar
Nick Naylor - Drums

Recorded by Sebastian Dural at Phantom DS Music Studio, Bristol
Mixed/Mastered by Lupen Tooth
Art/Layout by Kachenstein

Also available digitally through Undead Artists


all rights reserved



Lupen Tooth Bristol, UK

Whoever is bitten by a werewolf and lives becomes a werewolf himself.

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Track Name: Coffin Pallor
I know your pulse has stopped
I know my heart has not
I'll love you through the afterlife
And though your blood may clot
And your skin may fall off
I know our love will never rot

Though your skin is so cold
I've never felt so warm
In the blue moonlight
You look so beautiful
Muscles tense up by the hour
Oh how I love your coffin pallor

You fell just like a dream
Like strawberries and cream
Was the red upon your skin
My strange form of desire
Grows as your body expires
Decaying bodies really light my fire
Track Name: Moonlight Fury
Each day I cut myself each day I heal faster than the last,
Each day I have to shave the hair that's growing all over my back,
My bones they stretch inside inside I feel i'm changing changing,
The thirst is growing stronger, this pain is never-ending.

I'll never be free from the moonlight,
To lurk in the shadows or stroll beneath the night sky
I'll never be free, free of this curse,
I'll never be free from the hunger,
The lust for the bloodshed, the flesh and the power
I'll never be free,

Each night I leave the house and animal instincts override me,
The smell of fresh meat looming closer, thrills and it excites me,
I try to chain myself up, I try to suppress this feeling,
It overpowers me, I know now with what I am dealing.

And as the sun begins to fade,
I feel my humanity slip away,
As I succumb to the thirst...
Track Name: Zombie Doll
At night it comes alive
A voodoo ritual, left a killer trapped inside
Doomed to live inside a plastic shell
No one knows that he's possessed

Rampaging through the night
A brutal, gory mess is all that's left from his crimes
No one believes you when you cry for help
No one believes that toy's been sent from hell

Beware the zombie doll
Here comes the zombie doll
Your fear won't save you from his knife
If you don't destroy him, he will take your life

In his search for a new host
His killer soul will slay all that obstruct him from his goal
Who will be next on his killing spree
Who will be next to die for Chucky
Track Name: Bury You Deep
Your kiss is like a death wish
The aftershave you smell of is not mine
And lies flow so free from your smile
Unaware of my growing desire

Just one more wound in your body and you will
Endlessly sleep, you will endlessly sleep,
Just one more nail in your coffin and I will
Bury you deep, I will bury you deep.

I find comfort in your silence
My anger has gone and I know I can move on
I feel no regret
As I drive through the night searching for your new gravesite

15 years have passed and nobody's found you
Some tried to search but no one knows where I left you
I hear a scraping at the window in the night
You've come back to me with vengeance on your mind
Track Name: My Coffin Is My Home
I just can't wait for my special day
Big church, nice suit and an empty grave
Family and friends all gather round
To watch as i'm lowered into the ground
I wanna have a tag hanging from my toes
Worms chewing on me as I decompose
Flowers dying round my own tombstone
Flesh rotting slowly leaving nothing but bone

Oh I just can't wait to be in the earth
Been planning my funeral since my birth
Can't wait to be left lying alone
I know that the coffin is my only home

I just can't wait for my special day
Big church, nice suit and an empty grave
Family and friends all gather round
To watch as i'm lowered into the ground
I'm counting down the days until my end
Sometimes I lie still and just pretend
That i'm lying in a casket 6ft below
Having said goodbye to all I know

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